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Personal Video


Getting to know the artist under two minutes. A short clip introducing Erik Biano the artist. 

Adventure Medley


A medley of adventure themes. Originally composed for film or animation in mind. It starts off with a Disney adventure colors and ends with more Hollywood adventure orchestration.

Someone Like You


An original love song.

I Don't Want To Die Yet


We don’t know what happens when we die except those who love us will truly miss us. Sometimes the thought of dying can shine more meaning to us being alive

Scaleful Music


A sample of yearly student recital. Scaleful Music is a music school in San Gabriel created by Erik Biano and his wife Rhonda.

Chopin-Ballade No. 1


A full length performance by Erik Biano.



A live performance of an original song "Rhonda" (live @ the MINT in LA)

My Strangest Friend


A live performance of an original song "My Strangest Friend" (live @ the MINT in LA)

Dogs of the World


A non profit production showing videos and clips from more than 20 humane societies. I was given full access to their archives in order to produce a music video for the dogs of the world.

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