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Erik Biano (born Erik Babaians) has written countless compositions and songs portraying authentic stories through lyrics drawn from his personal life. The stage name Biano is inspired from Erik’s lifelong love for piano.

Erik has a rare gift for creating evocative, sweet and satirical songs. As a contemporary composer, his imaginative approach was encouraged at the age of five by watching and listening to Walt Disney Classics. His fanciful compositions are a result of his deep appreciation of many styles from Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy and Ravel to his favorite songwriters Andre Previn, the Sherman Brothers, Richard Rodgers, Randy Newman and Alan Menken.

Previous to 2008, Erik used the piano merely as a compositional tool. At that time he discovered a passion for the instrument. After a few years of concentrated study under the supervision of Dr. Milton Stern, Dr. Sarkis Baltaian, and Dr. Steven Gates he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music in Classical Piano Performance. He augmented his talent for harmonization by studying with his teacher, mentor and friend David Edelstein.

Later on, along with his lovely wife and biggest fan Rhonda (a pianist and music teacher), they cofounded Scaleful Music, a music school in San Gabriel, CA.

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